Reds fans complain about final prizes – Real Madrid Vs Liverpool Champions League final

Reds fans complain about final prizes - Real Madrid Vs Liverpool
Reds fans complain about final prizes - Real Madrid Vs Liverpool

Liverpool’s fan representative rants on Twitter against the Champions League final in Kiev. High costs make the trip to the final for fans almost impossible.

Liverpool Vs Real Madrid in the Champions League final:

On May 26, Liverpool will face Real Madrid in the Champions League final . Actually a reason to enjoy. But the supporters of both clubs are struggling with expensive flights and proliferating hotel prices in Kiev. Liverpool fan representative Tony Barrett vented his anger on Twitter.

He wrote: “For every Liverpool fan who is experiencing this nightmare when planning the trip to Kiev […], I can only apologize.” Barrett continues: “What should be one of the most exciting times in your life is now everything, but not that is unacceptable to me.”

On the one hand, fans have to dig deep into their pockets for their journey . Instead of the usual 209 pounds cost flights to the Champions League final around the 1400 pounds.

And even in Kiev itself prices are exploding. In some cases, 100 times the normal price for a hotel room is required. Karg equipped apartments are only from 300 euros per night to get.

“For all who come to Kiev, I hope that the trip is worth every penny. Football without fans is nothing,” said the fan representative.

The first Kievans even offer free sleeping places for football fans on Facebook.

“The decision to hold the final in such a difficult and extremely expensive city demands explanations from those who have decided to do so,” the fan representative railed on his Twitter page.

The Olympic Stadium in Kiev holds 63,000 spectators. Real and Liverpool receive 33,253 tickets for their fans. 6,700 go to worldwide fans. The remaining cards are reserved for the press, officials, advertising partners, various rights holders, players and hosts.

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